1. Illustration by Jon Whitcomb c. 1960

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  2. wardkimball:

    346. An “Asinine Alley” comic by Ward Kimball, 1974.

  4. Jerry Warshaw.  Fling Magazine, 1958

  5. ronniedelcarmen:

    Jamie Baker, illustrator, storyteller & Pixar storyman fights on! We think the world of Jamie and now the world has a chance to even the score.

    On December 26th, 2012, Jamie had a hemorrhagic stroke causing paralysis and loss of sensation on the entire right side of his body.

    Please take a moment to visit Team Jamie for the full story and help the font of stories who is our friend get back to doing what he does best.

    Note: Above drawing is of Seph, Jamie’s delightful creation who I’ve had the pleasure to draw before. This was my chance to do a better version with actual paints! We are holding a private auction at work for Jamie and this water babe is participating.

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    Jack Gaughan - Wellers Of The Deep, 1970.

  10. John Kricfalusi