1. Robert McGinnis
    The Silver Concubine, 1962
    Via Heritage auctions

  2. Steve Rude

    (Source: elpiratafriki, via tomscioli)

  3. rdaskas:


    (1995) Acrylic

    Warner Bros Animation

    I think George Stokes did this layout. I first met Shane Glines, Bruce Timm and Glenn Murakami working on Superman. We continued working together on various Batman cartoons as well.

  5. Federico Ribas

  6. rdaskas:

    Bruce Timm (1996)

    When I worked at Warner Bros Animation a few of us would collect old Playboy magazines in search of Erich Sokol illustrations.If you dropped five or ten bucks on an old Playboy and there was not a Sokol this was usually the reaction.Bruce drew this for me after one of our lunch time outtings,I think I gave him a page I already had.

  7. drawblr:

    Original Tezuka Astro Boy page.

    (Source: huffingtonpost.fr)

  8. rdaskas:


    (2004) Acrylic

    Cartoon Network

    Scott thought it would be a cool idea to use the white of the board for the desert sand color.It took some planning ahead but worked great.Layouts by Justin Thompson.

  9. rdaskas:


    (2004) Acrylic

    Cartoon Network